With thousands of shapers around the world, no two boards will be excatly alike, however there is an industry standard to a shape and below we list the most popular. You will of course come across custom shapes and these again vary from shaper to shaper. We hope the guidelines provided helps you to choose the best shape for your size, skill level and wave conditions. Have fun and let’s go surfing!

Longboard – The most traditional surfboard shape. They typically range from 8 feet to 12 feet in length and at least 2.5 inches thick & 20″ wide.  These boards are great for learning to surf  – for leaning wave selection, paddling technique, and turning basics. Longboards offers stylish, fancy footwork. This board style is for everyone.

Funboards –Smaller versions of the classic longboard shape, the fun or mid-length board range from 6 feet to 8 feet. The Funboard is a transitional board for those who progress down in size while keeping paddling power and stability. Great for beginners due to the wide shape and good stability. Funboard’s sport various tail shapes, nose shapes, and foils. Ride in anything from ankle biters to chest high conditions.

Shortboards – Designed for high performance surfing and allows surfers to push the boundaries of their ability. Under 7′ feet long, the surfer can get aggressive on the wave. Features include a sharp nose, thin rails, and high rocker in order to produce high levels of maneuverability. This shape is ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers.

Hybrid – The hybrid mixes the design features from two similar board types. With characteristics and performance of a shortboard design added width and tail of a fish. Performance rails, bottom rocker and foil to make it fast, stable and maneuverable. Great transition board for someone who wants to move faster. Surf this board in anything from knee to head high conditions.

Fish –Short, stumpy board for riding small waves. Shorter, wider and flatter than a shortboard and works very well in small mushy surf.  Minimal curve in the rocker allows the rider to paddle easily and carry speed through flat sections of the wave. This shape is ideal for intermediate surfers looking to maximize turns and speed on small to medium sized waves.

Gun – Big wave days – take the Gun. Thin, needle-nosed shape, similar to a shortboard but much larger. Ranging from 6’6” to 10’ for fast paddling to catch fast, heavy waves. Gun shapes are difficult to ride and require a lot of experience.