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Adjustable paddles are ideal for commercial use or when you know that more than one person is going to use your paddle. If you enjoy different kinds of paddling an adjustable paddle is great too, as a paddler wanting to go SUP foiling requires a different paddle length than an endurance racer.

Adjustable-length paddles are great for all paddling styles, plus they can be used by people of different heights:

A fixed SUP paddle is best for paddlers who know what they want and at which exact length:

Make sure to choose a SUP paddle length for your type of paddling? For touring, fishing, or fitness paddling, look for a SUP paddle that’s about 10″–12″ longer than you are tall. For river running or surfing, a slightly shorter paddle works best — approximately 8″ longer than your height. A longer paddle provides a longer, stronger stroke for flat water, while a shorter paddle enables the quicker, shorter strokes needed to navigate more challenging water.

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