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NSP Airwing

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NSP Airwing

The NSP Airwing is a very accessible, lightweight wing, making it ideal for wingfoilers, SUPers, and surfers wanting to increase their time and skills on the water. The geometry of the NSP Airwing delivers smooth power, stability, and flowing handling. It invites you to experience new watersport sensations.

* Pump sold separately – except for the Blue 5m with included pump from the menu

NSP Airwing Size Chart

Surface Wing Span Chord Strut Handles
3m_ 280 cm 140 cm 4
4m_ 307 cm 160 cm 5
5m_ 345 cm 180 cm 5
6m_ 380 cm 210 cm 6

The NSP Airwing features a wider wind range and control

The NSP Airwing is the result of tons of prototypes and hundreds of testing hours. The NSP R&D process refined the outlines, tube geometries and foil profiles to deliver a ride that is smooth and stable. The wing features a stable, low-aspect shape, balanced with moderate dihedral angles. This increases performance and your wind range, plus it helps keep the wingtips clear of the water.

Light but durable

With weight being an essential performance parameter, NSP aimed for the lowest weight possible, without compromising strength and durability:
3M weight 2.0 KG
4M weight 2.3 KG
5M weight 2.7 KG
6M weight 3.1 KG


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