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NSP SUP Foil Pro

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NSP SUP Foil Pro

The NSP SUP Foil Pro is NSP’s dedicated SUP- and Wing foil board.

This new generation of SUP-Wing foiling boards takes engineering cues from the latest Americaʼs Cup foiling boats. By adopting key concepts to the specific shape requirements of SUP foiling, we greatly improved bottom-end sub-foiling performance, getting you up and foiling early with minimal effort.

Compared to the last generation of foil boards that often featured flat-bottom hulls, the improved shapes of the SUP Foil Pro bring a totally new experience for intermediate-to-expert foilers with the most pronounced stringer line for increased directional momentum.

NSP SUP Foil Pro Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
5’6″ 24″ 5″ 86.6 L 5.71kg
5’10” 25″ 5 ¹/⁸” 96.0 L 6.21kg
6’2″ 25″ 5 ¹/⁸” 101.0 L 6.38kg
6’6″ 27″ 5″ 112.0L 6.87kg
6’10” 28″ 4 ⁷/⁸” 125.0 L 7.43kg
7’2″ 29″ 4 ¹⁵/¹⁶” 136.8 L 7.69kg

NSP SUP Foil Pro Design:

  •  Enough buoyancy and stability to stay comfortable when you are not on the foil.
  • Early planning shape and efficient tail exit require minimal effort to lift up and fly. It provides better sub-foiling bottom-end efficiency for paddling and wind foiling.
  • Directional efficiency when you are off the foil, so all applied forces (whether it is a paddle stroke or a kite pump) are converted into forwarding movement.
  • The forward board shape is developed to avoid any sticking effect when touching the water surface, allowing the board to rebound instantly to flying mode.
  • The volume distribution is designed to reduce the swing weight of the board when you are on the foil. This allows quicker turns and gibe moves.
  • Thermoformed EVA deck pad with pronounced kick tail and side wedges.
  • Twin track foil tuning guide.
  • Multi-positioning foot strap inserts mid-deck and tail.

NSP SUP Foil Pro Construction

  • SLX: A premium and high-performance package.
  • Features multi-foil fin box option strategically positioned to optimize control.
  • Carbon Innegra hybrid rail with deck/bottom matte color and polished rails.
  • Vacuum bonded SLX (Super Light Epoxy) core offers a lighter weight.
  • Biax glass and bamboo veneer deck for improved impact resistance.
  • Full-length uni-directional carbon stringers for added strength and added foil drive.
  • Biaxial carbon-reinforced foil box.

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1 review for NSP SUP Foil Pro

  1. Andrew

    This board is probably the easiest and smoothest board on the market to get up foiling with. When learning (when you’re doing a lot of sub foiling back and forth) the pronounced foil hull shape creates lateral resistance which allows you to stay upwind more easily than any other board I have ridden. This also makes it an ideal board for light and gusty wind locations. The forward hull shape also gets the board up to a high hull speed very easily – and then smoothly up on the foil. Remember lift is created by hull speed, so a high sub-foiling is a massive plus – and I am constantly surprised by how easily this board will promote foiling in the lightest of breezes – much lighter than other boards I own. The lateral resistance created by the hull shape also drives you forward when you pump – further assisting early foiling.

    When teaching my daughter, I initially had her on a much larger flat bottom board and she was struggling. The first day I put her on the NSP, she was straight up. Despite the ‘pro’ in the name, this board totally suitable for foilers in their first season.

    Up on the foil the reasonably narrow width (for its volume) makes it very smooth and responsive to turn. Touch downs are also smooth and easy to recover from. The hull is strong and noticeably stiff, giving excellent feedback and drive from pumping the foil.

    The overall finish of this board is excellent and the deck grip is the best I have used, giving you lots of grip and purchase to load up the power.

    Overall a very high quality product and excellent value.

    • Team SSW

      Thanks for the extensive feedback Andrew!

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