Surf SUP Warehouse (SSW) ensures that your board, foil, paddle or other product is wrapped with cardboard around the rail, nose and tail and then packaged into a specifically sized tough shipping cardboard carton. Fins and accessories included with the board will either be packaged in a separate accessory box or attached inside the product packaging itself. – Please be sure to check the packing thoroughly before discarding appropriately.


SSW has courier options for the delivery of your products. By selecting a courier, you are agreeing that the ownership of your ordered products occurs when SSW transfers the products into the possession of your selected courier.

Check and Inspect

Check and inspect all surfboards upon delivery for damages to the outer/inner packaging and the board prior to signing the delivery receipt.

When receiving your delivery, we recommend that you inspect the packaging and the packaged goods to ensure no damage has occurred during transit. Once you have signed for the delivery, you are confirming that the goods have been delivered in good condition. If the goods are damaged during transit, make sure to clearly identify this on the delivery receipt. Failure to do so will prevent you from claiming for damaged goods while in transit. As an example, note any crease, bend or tear visible on the packaging. i.e. “All boxes have visible damage” should be written on the delivery receipt.

Contact and Returns

Contact Customer Service for a case-by-case evaluation, who will help coordinate with your local repair shop and issue an invoice credit. If the damage is severe or irreparable, SSW will issue you a Return Authorisation Number and will coordinate the pickup of the damaged item.

Returns are not allowed without an issued Return Authorisation number from SSW. Items returned to SSW without a Return Authorisation number will be denied.

All damages need to have a photo of the damage (board + packaging) and serial number (usually found on the bottom of the board – inflatable products will have them printer near a seam). Please have this ready before you call customer service.