Fish Surfboards


Fish surfboards are largely misunderstood, meaning they are not “just for small surf”. Generally faster than longboards, mini mals, and foamies, having a fish in your quiver is a good thing to have.

You get the buoyancy & width of a bigger board but retain the maneuverability and lose the feel of shorter boards. They’re great for heavier guys needing a little extra volume, easy to paddle, and will work on flatter days when your shortboards need a little extra. The tail of a Fish shape is usually its standout feature, giving you control and drive, but especially with PU boards, you have to be careful not to ding the delicate corners of your Fish Surfboards.

The NSP Elements Fish won’t ding that easy, as that NSP construction is about durability and performance,
so if you’ve got kids or your Fish surfboard shoves around in your truck bed, check out that board.

We usually have one or more fish shapes on sale in the SALES SECTION
along with some quality leashes, traction pads, and well-padded bags.