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NSP Surf Foil

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NSP Surf Foil

The NSP Surf Foil is part of our recreational series, featuring the same outlines and rocker as the Pro Series, but with a less pronounced concave and a less pronounced center stringer. The recreational Series also has a bit more volume up in the front section of the board and slightly fuller rails compared to the Pro Series range.

Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
4’8″ 20″ 3 ³/¹⁶” 38.0 L 3.46kg
5’2″ 21″ 3 ³/¹⁶” 42.6 L 3.74kg
5’6″ 22″ 3 ³/¹⁶” 47.5 L 4.18kg

These differences translate to increased stability, allowing riders to focus on getting onto the foil. This shape also assists in recovering from dramatic touchdowns while on the foil. A mild scoop helps to avoid abrupt nosedives as well.

NSPʼs Protech technology is an ideal construction for this type of application, as it combines performance and price in a very attractive package for beginning- to intermediate foilers.

Key Features:
• The volume distribution is concentrated around the chest area to give surfers a perfect platform for paddling into waves.
* Refined rocker for faster paddle speeds.
* Shallower concaves and less pronounced stringer make manoeuvring in the line up a breeze.
* Fuller rails and forward volume provide great stability, allowing for quick recovering in steep take-off situations
• Thermoformed EVA tail pad with arch bar, side kick and pronounced tail kick and side wedges.
• Twin track foil tuning guide.



Custom Finish, Epoxy Core with a Carbon Flex Tail, at an Affordable Price Point

– Secure cell EPS Core
– 6 + 4 oz deck (Fish & Hybrid)
– 6 + 6 oz deck (Fun & longboards)
– 6 + 4 oz + 4 oz patch bottom
– Carbon Flex Tail
– Bio epoxy resin
– Twin tab finbox x 3 (Fish, Hybrid, Funboard) 2+1 Fin configuration (Longboard)

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