MFC-Designed Nylon Thruster Set

MFC-Designed Nylon Thruster Set


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MFC-Designed Nylon Thruster Set

Eager to learn from the best in class, NSP employed MFC to design an MFC-designed nylon thruster set offering stiffness and a precision flex pattern; good tip flex and little base flex, for overall great performance at a lower cost. This Nylon thruster Sset is great for all-around surf conditions and allows for tight turning.


FTU means these fins are FUTURES compatible.


In NSP’s Elements and Protech range, these MFC-designed sets come with the product, so if you ever lose one or more fins, these are your OEM replacements.

Usually, NSP longboards that have a 2+1 or 4+1 setup and come in Elements or Protech construction will come with a different US10 center fin, but the side bites are the same, making sure you can ride your NSP the day you unbox it.


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