NSP Foil Traction Pad


NSP Foil Traction Pad


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NSP Foil Traction Pad

Whether you are foiling, surfing or paddling ? the NSP Foil Traction Pad provides long-lasting grip and confidence. Especially in foiling, a delicate balance is required to get you flying over the surface of the water and your feet need precise positioning to control pitch, roll and yaw.

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The pattern on the pads has a 2mm height difference and you will notice its grip increasing as you apply more pressure through turns or during pumping.

Performance riders benefit from a 45-degree kick whenever your foot needs to be well-placed to blow out a wave. Apart from the comfort aspect, an arch helps your backfoot instinctively find the centre line of your board without ever having to look down.

Directional diamond-shaped pattern
The deeper the grooves, the more resistance against slipping and superior traction. The thermoformed texture on the NSP Foil Traction Pad ensures your back foot stays planted over the mast at all times. For hard pumping or committing to a tight radius, get that extra leverage by moving your back foot against the kick tail and force the last bit of performance from your board.

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