Munoz Super Glide


Munoz Super Glide


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Munoz Super Glide

The Super Glide longboard is designed to be stable, fast, and maneuverable. Foiled rails give the feel of a thinner board, the subtle concave nose helps accomplish smoother nose rides, and an advanced forward vee makes it easier to turn.

Munoz’s Super Glide performs great in a wide variety of conditions and can accommodate any level rider.

Check the video below for some impressions of the Munoz Super Glide at Gisborne (not a professional!).

*Fin is not included

Munoz Super Glide Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
12’0″ 26.25″ 4.3″ 147 L 7.95kg

Munoz Super Glide Construction

Tuflite V-tech Construction

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