nuu Whistlepunk

nuu Whistlepunk


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nuu Whistlepunk

The nuu Whistlepunk is an early 60’s inspired template with modern construction underpinnings

The wide-point back gives the Whistlepunk an easy feel up on the nose and greatly helps pivoting of the tail.

The deck line on the Nuu Whistlepunk disguises a fast yet functional and sometimes even loose feel until in trim when the straighter rail line kicks in for genuine speed.

Rails have a pinched but still eggy 60/40 profile so no hangups when transitioning for one side of rolled V to the other. Slight concave at the nose gradually changes into a more pronounced rolled V throughout,  blowing out behind the fin with a small tail flip. The Whistlepunk is smooth fun and fast. The saying glass finish looks like nothing else and really adds to the premium boutique feel of the board.

Note: If you’re looking for a squashed tail but prefer a little more performance, check out our Takayama Noah Comp model as well!

Single fin US-box that works best with classic longboard fins coming with a medium rake and fairly stiff. Consider something like a Tyler Warren Pivot by Captain Fin as a typical add-on!

Core: EPS 36 g.

Layup Deck: 6 oz. + 6 oz.

Layup Bottom: 6 oz. + 4 oz. Finpatch

Stringer: 12 mm.

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