Gerry Lopez Little Darlin Fusion Poly

Gerry Lopez Little Darlin Fusion Poly


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Gerry Lopez Little Darlin Fusion Poly

The Little Darlin grew out of the extremely popular “Cheater“, in the search for more high-performance without loss of paddle power.

Shape & origins

The Little Darlin’ by Gerry Lopez is a sweet, quick, easy-riding board that can take it to the juice with confidence, knowing it will catch most any wave and still handle late takeoffs, steep drops, and fast, hollow sections. A single- to double concave gives the Little Darlin’ speed and holding power when the juice comes down.

The Gerry Lopez Little Darlin comes in several colors, always decked out with the classic lightning bolt design hugging the rails. A gorgeous piece of iconic surfing equipment that looks incredible both in and out of the water.

Gerry Lopez Little Darlin Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
6’4″ 20.25″ 2.625″ 36.8 L 3.77kg
6’8″ 20.375″ 2.688″ 39.9 L 4.02kg
7’0″ 20.5″ 2.75″ 43.2 L 4.31kg
7’6″ 21″ 2.813″ 48.5 L 4.75kg
7’11” 21.5″ 2.875″ 53.5 L 5.25kg

Gerry Lopez

“Surftech and I have just developed a line of my boards that I’m pleased to say are, by far, the best surfboards I’ve ever had. We took the Pocket Rocket, the Little Darlin’, and our “Something Fishy” models to begin with and have come up with some really good-looking boards that also ride exactly like they’re supposed to. Take a look at our lineup, I think you’ll like what you see.”

“More recently, on a couple of nice days at K38, I had the opportunity to ride the 5’10” Something Fishy as well as the 6’8″ Little Darlin’. I really loved them both.”

“With the multiple size ranges for each model, there is definitely something for everyone. Let me talk about the construction of these boards because, quite literally, I was blown away. The gloss and polish finish is top shelf, eye-pleasing and seldom seen in our new world of disposable everything. The overall board weight is very light for the durability and strength I found. I rode that Pocket Rocket very hard and kept checking the deck daily for heel dents. I surf with heavy feet because, generally speaking, all my personal boards get the decks smashed especially by my back foot. In the end, after at least 25-30 sessions, I scraped the wax off my red 6-10 and was shocked to find not even one dent. Amazing and, for me, a first!”

“The FCS II fin box setup make popping the fins in and out a breeze. The Pocket Rocket and Little Darlin’ come with 5 boxes, however, you’ll have to get your own fins. Sorry but the board does not come with fins. I’d recommend the 5-fin FCS II package so you can try both the quad and thruster options. I was surprised at the difference I experienced with my Pocket Rocket in Indo trying it both ways…fin options are good to have. Something Fishy has a quad 4-box setup. I’ve tried it as a twinnie with big fins and as a smaller fin quad with good success so there are options here as well.”

“And finally and so you know how I feel, I am very, very particular and unforgiving about shape… I tolerate no discrepancies. I’m glad to say, all sizes of all models are extremely accurate and exactly like what I would have, had I personally hand shaped each board. I would have to qualify that further by saying..definitely better than what I could do on an ongoing basis with the number of boards being produced… every single one is perfect. I can’t shape that much for that long… I have to go surfing in between.”

*Fins Not Included


Gerry Lopez Little Darlin Construction

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