Surf SUP Warehouse now sells hydrofoils

Okay, so we pulled the trigger and over the next couple of weeks, Surf SUP Warehouse will steadily add more foiling products to its existing line-up. So keep a close eye on the website and newsletter as we always send out the latest offers, discounts and product news for you to read up on. For now, we will be selling two models, namely the NSP Airwave and the MFC Hydros.

The NSP will be available immediately, and we also take back orders for the Hydros. To learn more about the availability of the accessories like wings, masts and rear wings, make sure you are subscribed to the SSW Newsletter.

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MFC Hydros Hydrofoil
HYDROS is an MFC Hydrofoil, made in collaboration with The Hydrofoil Company. A full carbon-molded hydrofoil, a Hydros uses innovative materials and technology to unlock substantial performance at under 3kg of weight. Intricate wing designs, mast fittings, fuselage fittings and the option to adjust the back wing according to conditions is what make a Hydros unique and different from what else is out there.

A surfacing Hydros – pic by Frankie Bees

Available: Release date June 29th 2019
Price: TBA
Brand: MFC Material: Full carbon
Mast length: 70cm, 1.2kg
Fuselage: 63cm, 500gr
Frontwing FW1250: 1.10kg
Back wing: 180g
Incl. TravelBag
Incl. 3 Shims
Approx. weight 3.08 kg +/-2%

MFC Hydros FW 1250 Package assembled

NSP Airwave Hydrofoil
Airwave is a new Hydrofoil made by NSP and designed by F4 Fins. With a fully modular design, all parts are tune-able, interchangeable and created from the best possible materials. Mast, fuselage and mast foot are CNC-cut from anodized marine-grade aluminum for added rigidity, while all NSP wings are made from prepreg carbon.  Available right now in our store, the Airwave is one of the quickest and most accessible foils on the market, making it a perfect foil to get started on.

Bruno taking off – pic by Andre Luiz Sagomes

Available: In store now
Price: $1599
Brand: NSP
Material: Carbon/Aluminium
Mast Length: 70cm, 1.67kg
Fuselage: 70cm, 1.67kg
Front wing 1.325: 1.68kg
Back wing: 180g
Incl. Travel Bag
Incl. 3 Shims
Approx. weight 7.57 kg +/-2%

NSP Airwave Hydrofoil with standard 78 prepreg carbon wing

Why these two platforms?
Contrary to surf & SUP equipment, where beginner equipment is notably different from performance designs, foiling setups at least look very similar. With the exception of kite foiling, any foil that is strong and stable is going to be a great learning platform.

And while these characteristics lend themselves to fast progression, it also guarantees control (important!) and a serious performance envelope later on in your foiling career.

CNC machined tolerances
A solid build means alignment and angles are built in with the tiniest of tolerances. There is virtually zero play in the connections, which makes these foils fast and stable.

Modular designs
Unlike one-piece designs, where a rock chip or a powerful wave can ruin your gear, modular designs allow you to separate masts, wings and fuselage. So whether you want to replace a damaged part of feel like tuning your setup, all it takes is an aftermarket part instead of a new foil.

Aluminum and Carbon
The key advantages of aluminum foils are its price and impact resistance. It should also be noted that a carbon foil may feel twitchy at speeds where an aluminum foil feels more planted because of its weight. More accomplished riders will appreciate the added sensitivity, so eventually progressing to a full-carbon set is often a next step. Also, counterintuitively, an aluminum/carbon foil requires more maintenance than the more delicate carbon foils. Always rinse and disassemble your aluminum foil after use.

Having said that, any average rider will have to put in the yards to learn how to fly over the water. Both setups feature similar learning curves, with the aluminum/carbon setup offering key characteristics that will appeal to the novice. Price, weight and a less delicate construction makes the aluminum ideal for first-timers and progressing riders. Upgrading to a full carbon set once you know what wing and mast sizes you want is a logical next step. An aluminum set will sell easily second hand, given the limited availability of foil sets worldwide.