NSP Surfboards

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NSP Surfboards are made in a wide range of technologies, from ultra-durable for rental- and school boards, to CSE high-performance construction that will take your surfing to the next level. Scroll down for Mid-length, Fish- and shortboards by NSP that we stock too:


NSP has worked with local shaper Tully St.John on the Sleep Walker series and collaborates with Hawaiian shapers on their performance range:


Great shapes in different constructions. NSP Mid-length shapes come in old-school single fin shapeshigh-performance and indestructible E+ for your rental shack and the more destructive families:

Fish Surfboards

Not just for small surf, a Fish is usually faster than a longboard, minimal or foamy and we stock several from other brands as well.


Talk to us!

If a board is currently not available in your preferred dimensions, please let us know? We check the availability of further lengths in our warehouse and are in direct contact with the manufacturers!