NSP SUP Coil Leash 6′

NSP SUP Coil Leash 6′


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NSP SUP Coil Leash 6′

The NSP SUP Coil Leash is highly durable and contains several improvements over earlier models by NSP. A coiled leash makes sure you get to place your feet without the added hassle of tangling up your equipment, whether you are foiling and you focus on the horizon, or racing and the upcoming buoy turn deserves your full attention.

Works well in combination with the NSP SUP Waist Belt for riders wanting to keep their leash away from the standing area.

These coiled leashes have two swivels to ensure the best possible ease of use – you won’t even feel it’s there.

Is a coiled leash for you?

Not necessarily if you surf, but a coiled leash is great for flat-water paddling. It stops a lot of tangles around your feet and other items you may have mounted to your board.
For racers, drag needs to be avoided at any cost so a coiled leash won’t hang in the water, and will not generate additional drag. It is also one less thing to worry about in stressful situations (running starts, duels, buoy turns).
Foilers in particular appreciate coiled leashes because they are short when they need to be, do not get in the way and when you do fall, the coil allows for enough expansion to allow for a safe distance between you and your gear.

NSP SUP Coil Leash Length / Diameter

  • 6ft / 7 mm

NSP SUP Coil Leash Design

  • High-quality BASF TPU
  • Cord diameter 7mm / 1/4″
  • Double stainless steel swivels
  • Double-layer neoprene strap
  • Triple wrap rail saver
  • Integrated key pocket

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