NSP Surf Leash, black 8′

NSP Surf Leash, black 8′


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NSP Surf Leash, black 8′

The NSP Surf Leash is a great combination of strength, stretch, and elasticity. These leggies are ideal for all conditions!

NSP Surf Leash Design:

  • 7mm TPU
  • Double stainless steel swivels
  • Double-layer neoprene ankle strap
  • Integrated key pocket
  • Rail saver

Why does the  NSP Surf Leash have swivels?

When you get washed, it is not uncommon to be rolled underwater, and get tangled up.
By adding two swivels, you avoid getting tangled up. So when you surface you are ready to paddle from the get-go.

What are rail savers for?

Getting washed will often involve the ocean applying unusual forces to your equipment. In this situation, the rails around the leash plug of your board are especially vulnerable to a ding or crack. By adding a (wider) railsaver, the pressure on your board is spread more evenly, saving your rails in the process.

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