NSP Allrounder Elements

NSP Allrounder Elements


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NSP Allrounder Elements

An extremely capable allrounder

NSP Elements Allrounder perfectly blends the excitement of wave performance with a flatwater paddling glide. Their outline is wide enough for novice paddlers and a forward wide point makes it even harder to lose balance. Glide comes from a semi-pointed nose style taken from surf-oriented shapes, and its nose lift is moderate, as not to impede longer paddling tours.

The tail features a pulled-in round tail for speed, maneuverability, and control, allowing beginners and intermediates to use this board for a long time, exploring the performance envelope of this board to its fullest. Use a single fin all the way at the back for touring, or add side bites to get some extra wave performance.

Single to double concave bottom, light vee through the tail, generates speed quickly, and maintains smooth flow from turn to turn.

Elements construction is about longevity, so schools and rental centers will often stock these as its construction will stand up to the everyday abuse of beginning paddlers. Families with kids or inexperienced paddlers can benefit from this construction as well, as the board will take considerable punishment. Note that the deck features plugs to attach PFD (Personal Floatation  Device) for the 10’0″, 10’6″, and 10’11″.

Customers tell us they like the GoPro insert too. The NSP Elements Allrounder comes in blue and grey.

NSP Elements Allrounder Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
9’2″ 29 ³/⁸” 4 ¹/²” 129.5 L 8.79kg
10’0″ 32″ 4 ¹/⁴” 169 L 10.39kg
10’6″ 32″ 4 ¹/²” 187.7 L 11.35kg
10’11” 32 ¹/⁴” 4 ¹/¹⁶” 186.1 L 11.12kg

NSP Elements Allrounder Construction

Durability, value, and performance – the go-to board for any recreational paddler.

–  EPS SecureCell core is wrapped in lightweight fiberglass and molded creating a durable shell.

–  The ultimate choice for retailers looking to stock a single SUP range.

–  Offers the recreational market great performance shapes at attractive prices.

Included Accessories
Nylon 8" Center (9" for 10'6 and 10'11")
2 x Futures compatible by MFC
Eco friendly
Sustainable Surf- ECOBOARD
Green Epoxy Resin
3/4 Diamond Groove EVA Deck Pad
Multiple Fin box options
Easy Carry Center Handle
Go Pro Insert
Two plugs on deck to attach Personal Flotation Device

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