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NSP Allrounder CocoFlax

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NSP Allrounder CocoFlax

The NSP Allrounder CocoFlax is the ultimate allround SUP as it is a perfect blend of fun wave performance and flatwater paddling glide.  A trendsetter in the market and now available in NSP’s Cocoflax eco-friendly construction.

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NSP Allrounder CocoFlax Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
8’10” 29 1/8” 4 ³/⁸” 123.3 L 7.76 Kg
9’2″ 29 3/8” 4 ¹/²” 129.5 L 8.12 Kg
10’0″ 32” 4 ¹/⁴” 169 L 9.27 Kg
10’6″ 32” 4 ¹/²” 187.7 L 10.23 Kg
10’11” 32 1/4” 4 ¹/¹⁶” 186.1 L 10.27 Kg


Available in three technologies: Cocomat, Elements, and NSP’s P2 Soft with eco-friendly bio-resin.

NSP Allrounder CocoFlax Reviewed

Tested by SUP International, the 10’6″ version of the board is said to have a “formidable wave-catching ability“.

Amazingly light, yet strong, high-end eco-friendly performance boards featuring natural Flax rails. Recognized and awarded at the European Paddle Expo as “Product of the Year”. What’s more, all NSP Cocoflax boards carry the highly desirable “Gold Level” Ecoboard label. Boards carrying this label are manufactured with more sustainable materials, sourced from responsible supply chains, and made by board builders with improved manufacturing processes.

–  Proven outline with semi-pointed surf style nose with moderate nose lift, a forward wide point for stability, and easy paddling.

–  Pulled in round tail for speed, maneuverability, and control.

–  Single to double concave bottom and a light vee through the tail, generates speed quickly and maintain smooth flow from turn to turn.

–  The NSP CocoFlax Allrounder has fin box options to optimize the conditions or to suit your preferred surf fin set up.

–  Two plugs on deck to attach PFD (Personal Flotation  Device) for 10’0, 10’6, 10’11

–  Nose insert for GoPro

A unique look

Back in 2019, NSP introduced uni-directional (UD) Flax fiber rails to its (already) eco-friendly CocoMat series. Flax is a highly durable and naturally reinforced fiber that allows a board construction with significantly less fiberglass, which reduces NSP’s  carbon footprint:

CocoFlax fibers on the deck, Flax fibers on its rails, Coco fiberes in the center fin.

Five-box fin cluster

The NSP Allrounder has fin box options to optimize to the conditions or to suit your preferred surf fin setup. Single fin for touring and flatwater paddling, with all the variations you like for waves and SUP surfing. The Center fin is a standard US box while the other four are NSP’s FTU boxes which are FUTURES compatible.

NSP Allrounder CocoFlax Construction

NSP introduces Flax fiber rails to an already environmentally-friendly Cocomat series. This highly durable reinforced fiber from the flax plant helps reduce the use of fiberglass and further minimizes the carbon footprint of NSP’s ecological manufacturing.

• Natural Flax fiber rails.
• Visually unique board with an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio.
• Light to carry, easy to maneuver, and even lighter to paddle.
• Responsive flex and strength give riders the confidence to push their limits, regardless of conditions.

Included Accessories
2x MFC-designed side fins
Coco 8" center fin
Eco friendly
Sustainable Surf- ECOBOARD
Green Epoxy Resin

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