NSP Airwave Rear Wing Radical Surf

NSP Airwave Rear Wing Radical Surf


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NSP Airwave Rear Wing Radical Surf

RW 240 Radical Surf

This pre-preg carbon rear-wing is held in place with two screws. With a reduced surface, your surfing setup come alive, enabling you to maneuver faster than before. The chord and width ratio of the RW 240 is designed to increase responsiveness in roll and pitch, allowing you to carve and pump your way through the swell, double- and triple-dipping from one ride to the next.

When bought as an after-market wing, this rear wing comes with a premium 600-D nylon sleeve with an anti-corrosive zipper to protect your equipment.

The RW 240 Radical surf wing weighs 0.23kg and should be used for foil surfing.


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