NSP Airwave Allround Front Wing 1700


NSP Airwave Allround Front Wing 1700

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NSP Airwave Allround Front Wing 1700

NSP Airwave Allround Front Wing 1700 is the NSP’s benchmark foil – a perfect combination between lift, speed, and stability.

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Hydrofoil design requires a unique combination of 3D design, fluid dynamics, composites, rider feedback, and sophisticated production processes. Their designs are industry-leading and complement the different foil products offered by NSP perfectly.

NSP Airwave Allround Front Wing 1700 has set the performance benchmark for early lift and stable performance. On smaller days, the Front Wing 1700 excels at Surf and SUP foiling and is an amazing option for wake foiling, freeride kite (kitewing), and windsurfing.

The similar profile to the NSP Airwave Allround Front Wing 1325 offers a wide range, a smooth ride and it is easy to pump. Considering the size, the speed potential of this wing is amazing. A perfect choice for smaller surf or heavier foilers wanting more lift. FW 1700 set Features this bigger wing, as it is a perfect combination for riders weighing a little more.

*Included in the Airwave foil set 1700 package and sold individually Total weight assembled 5.4kg.

Size Chart

Name Weight Width (cm) Width (in)
FW 1700 1.55kg 85 33.4

Key design characteristics:

The foil profile and AOA (angle of attack) deliver a gradual lift/speed slope for great control during acceleration

  • The low-aspect ratio for early lift
  • Stability through additional width and reduced curvature
  • Nice sweep for a deeper speed envelope
  • Profile and foil outline deliver great pumping performance

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