NSP Airwave Downwind Front Wing 1450


NSP Airwave Downwind Front Wing 1450

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NSP Airwave Downwind Front Wing 1450

NSP Airwave Downwind Front Wing 1450 is a high-aspect glider designed for downwind foiling.

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The outline and foil profiles combine hydrodynamic efficiency, deliver higher speeds, and excellent pump characteristics in downwind conditions. These foils are based on high-performance windsurf/kite race designs and have been adapted for the slower speeds of downwind SUP. Pair with the RW 245 downwind rear wing for maximum efficiency and minimal drag:

NSP Airwave Downwind Front Wing 1450 Size Chart

Name Weight Width (cm) Width (in)
FW 1450 1.08kg 100 39.3

The advantage of a high-aspect wing like this is its efficiency. A flat shape translates to directional stability and a more effective surface in a pumping motion, as more surface is equally leveraged. Compare all wings here.

Key design characteristics:

  • Early take-off and sustained flight
  • Reduced profile for high-efficiency
  • Excellent pumping characteristics for downwind racing

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