NSP Sonic Pro Carbon

NSP Sonic Pro Carbon

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NSP Sonic Pro Carbon

Downwind, recessed board allowing you to effortlessly link bump after bump.

The Sonic, performing well in upwind and crosswind conditions is designed as a specific open-water, downwind race board. There is no compromise for performance.
With a pintail and recessed deck, we have lowered the center of gravity and optimized the width, making the board more stable than ever.

The Sonics are performing at their best as soon as you get some chop or small bumps to big ocean swell.

The 14/25.5 model is just a more stable and comfortable version of the 14/24.
If you are not in front of the pack, in an elite field, or if you are battling for the win in an age group, you most certainly will be faster on the 14/25.5 than the 14/24.

NSP Sonic Pro Carbon Size Chart

Length Width Volume Fins Handles
12’6″ 24.5″ 257L 22 2 short/1 long
14’0″ 23″ 292L 20 2 short/1 long
14’0″ 24″ 300L 24 2 short/1 long
14’0″ 25.5″ 324L 24 1 long

NSP Sonic Pro Carbon Design

All 2019 Sonic?s are using the same rocker style as the 2018 models, 14/24 and 14/25.5.
Pin-tailed and typically have more nose rocker to suit downwind conditions.
The 2019 Sonic is using a new concept bottom that is combining the added stability of the 2018 model and the extreme glide of our winning Molokai designs.

2019, the Sonic does not include the narrower lower rocker version that the Sonic 14/23 had in 2018. You will find this in the new Carolina model.


Our world-class 20, 22, and 24 fins are designed and carefully crafted to deliver
top performance in SUP racing: tracking, stability, efficiency, speed, and acceleration.

NSP Sonic Pro Carbon Construction

Elite Pro Carbon technology construction when winning is all that matters!

?? Cutting edge aerospace carbon fibers and ultra-light core materials are combined? within our unique vacuum construction, making

?? Featuring a PVC reinforced deck for integrity plus carbon rails for stiffness reducing flex and making the board ultra responsive.

?? Carbon Innegra reinforcement adds impact protection in the nose and the tail for close quarter battles at race starts and from the chasing racers in a draft train.

Included Accessories
Race 22 for 12'6, 14'0 x23", 14'0 x24"
Race 24 for 14'0 x25.5"
Eco friendly
Sustainable Surf- ECOBOARD
Green Epoxy Resin

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