Gerry Lopez Squirty Fusion Poly

Gerry Lopez Squirty Fusion Poly


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Gerry Lopez Squirty Fusion Poly

The Squirty / Fusion-Poly is a balance between paddling and maneuverability, the Yin and Yang of surfboard design. Can’t do much surfing if you’re not catching the waves. But, at the same time, you still want to rip when you are up and riding.

Gerry Lopez Squirty Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
5’8″ 19.8″ 2.6″ 31.6 L 3.29kg
6’0″ 20″ 2.7″ 35.2 L 3.61kg
6’4″ 20.2″ 2.7″ 38.1 L 3.77kg
6’8″ 20.5″ 2.8″ 41.9 L 4.11kg


Low-entry rocker with a slightly rolled bottom going into a single concave and finishing to a double concave with a user-friendly tail lift, makes the Squirty loose and fast.
*Fins not included.

Boardcave review

“My new favourite board – the Gerry Lopez Squirty has been perfect for what I bought it for, which is a lot of paddle speed and getting into waves early and just having fun as an intermediate/experienced surfer.

I deliberately bought it one size too big, to be honest, just for the wave count, but it still turns well, it isn’t too hard to duck-dive, and it’s been great in everything from waist-high to overhead waves.

On the bigger days, it feels really solid underfoot. It’s also a bit of a specimen – the orange is pretty striking, but it’s also really durable. A keeper, for sure.”

Gerry Lopez Squirty Construction

Fusion Poly Technology

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