NSP Airwave Rear Wing Windsurf


NSP Airwave Rear Wing Windsurf

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NSP Airwave Rear Wing Windsurf

RW 228 Windsurf

This pre-preg carbon rear-wing is held in place with two screws. Intended for windsurfing and kitesurfing specifically, the RW 228 is designed for sustained flight and an emphasis on directional stability. This is achieved by using articulated winglets and a more neutral profile.

Freeride windsurf foilers should use this wing in combination with the 85 Fuselage and its standard-issue two-degree shim.

When bought as an after-market wing, this rear wing comes with a premium 600-D nylon sleeve with an anti-corrosive zipper to protect your equipment.

The RW 228 Windsurf Wing weighs 0.23kg and is designed for directional stability that will help your windsurf foiling.


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