MFC Hydros II FW1075 Pack

MFC Hydros II FW1075 Pack


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MFC Hydros II FW1075 Pack

The Hydros II FW1075 pack’s front wing generates gradual lift while maintaining ease of control in bigger, more critical waves.

When it reaches top speed, it allows for continuous turns with minimal effort, while maintaining glide. This HYDROS is a very fast hydrofoil that pumps and connects waves easily. Designed for riders under 180lb, the Hydros 1075 is ideal for medium to large surf, and high-speed winging. The HYDROS is built in Carbon/PCS/Epoxy Technology and weights 2.78kg.

Our Front Wing generates a lot of gradual lift and they are very easy to control. Built with our Mold Technology with Carbon Twill, PVC core and G33 Bio Resin, it is one of the most advanced wings on the market. It reaches an excellent top speed allowing continuous turns with little effort, keeping gliding. Its V-shape allows for easier turns, keeping speed and glide with low effort. Built in Carbon/PCS/Epoxy technology, and designed with one of the thinnest profiles. For surfers up to 180lb. — Weight: 1.10kg | Wingspan 65.3cm

The profile allows control, speed and no drag at all. Not much lift is generated by the mast itself, everything is concentrated on the wings. Our technology allowed the mast to reach maximum stiffness and no torsion for speed, control, carving. The attachment to the board is a full Carbon/Epoxy molded plate with a plate recess of 2mm to allow the mast to fit in perfectly. RTM Technology built with Carbon/Epoxy G33 Bio Resin. Length of 70cm. — Weight || 1.6Kg

Aluminium built, FW and Mast attachment are conic to allow a perfect and precise fitting. It comes in a length of 63cm. —Weight || 500gr

The Hydros II back wing 225 is built in full carbon and is MFC’s all around back wing. The BW225 works with all of their foils and is ideal for winging and surfing in any conditions. Built with Full Carbon — Weight || 180gr

Hydros is delivered with three shims, 0, 1.5, and 2.5. Shims are needed to adjust and control the Angle Of Attack (AOA) of the back wing. Shims help dictate the amount of lift we will achieve from the back wing. The bigger the AOA the most lift we will have, the smaller the AOA the most speed you will achieve. These should be chosen in relation to the size of the front wing that is being used.


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