NSP Front deck pad


NSP Front deck pad

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NSP Front deck pad

The NSP front deck pad is a great solution for riders wanting the best possible grip for their front foot or simply don?t like to use wax on their board. If your board already has?a tail pad, adding this pad completes your wax-free traction setup.

Directional diamond-shaped pattern
The deeper the grooves, the more resistance against slipping and superior traction. The NSP front deck?pad has a 2mm height difference and you will feel its grip increase as you apply more pressure going through turns.

Thermoformed texture along the pads ensure your feet stay planted at all times. For hard pumping or committing to a tight radius, you will find that the more pressure you apply to the diamond-shaped EVA, the more grippy it gets.

4-Piece pattern
This 4-piece front deck pad allows you to adjust for the width and height of your board. It?s the easiest to install, offers tons of grip and will work on any board, whether it?s a surfboard, a SUP-board or a foil board.


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