Channel Islands Twin Fin Dual-Core

Channel Islands Twin Fin Dual-Core

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Channel Islands Twin Fin Dual-Core

This Channel Islands Twin Fin has (what’s in a name?!) a twin fin setup, along with a pronounced swallow tail. It’s different from the original Channel Islands Twin Fin in the sense that this version has a full center fin box, as opposed to the nubster slot in the original. This Channel Islands Twin Fin Dual-Core is a Britt Merrick design based on a shape by his father. Britt added a modern feel to it for a more positive drive and carving.

For more Channel Islands, check out the overview here or scroll to the bottom of this page.

The Fusion Dual-Core technology gives more float than its traditional PU counterpart. Flex and smooth rail when you want speed and hard turns. The Twin Fin is a fast and fun wave-catching machine.

*Fins not included.

About the Channel Islands & Britt Merrick

Channel Islands Surfboards was created by Al and Terry Merrick in 1969. From his birth, Britt spent his days in the factory by the beach in Santa Barbara, from toddling around blanks to sweeping out shaping rooms. Eventually, he started shaping alongside his father Al in 1990. He is now the lead shaper and designer for Channel Islands and carries on the family tradition of developing high-performance board designs while collaborating with the world’s greatest surfers. From Tom Curren to Dane Reynolds, the Channel Islands continues to evolve with the highest standard of surfing.

Channel Islands Twin Fin Dual-Core Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume
5’4” 18.5″ 2.2″ 24.1 L
5’6” 18.9″ 2.4″ 26.9 L
5’8” 19.6″ 2.6″ 29.2 L
5’10” 19.7″ 2.7″ 33.4 L
6’0” 20.5″ 2.7″ 36.5 L

Channel Islands Twin Fin Dual-Core Construction

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