nuu Whistlepunk PU


nuu Whistlepunk PU

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nuu Whistlepunk PU

The Nuu Whistlepunk is an early 60’s inspired template with modern construction underpinnings, now available in PU construction.

The wide-point back gives the Whistlepunk an easy feel up on the nose and greatly helps to pivot the tail.

The deck line on the nuu Whistlepunk PU disguises a fast yet functional and sometimes even loose feel until in trim when the straighter rail line kicks in for genuine speed.


The PU Whistlepunk has a pinched, but still eggy 60/40 profile. That means no hangups when transitioning from one side of rolled V to the other. A slight concave at the nose gradually changes into a more pronounced rolled V throughout. That shape continues and blows out behind the fin with a small tail flip. The Whistlepunk is smooth fun and fast, its glossy glass finish looks like nothing else and really adds to the premium feel of the board – you’ll almost feel sorry for waxing it up!

Single fin US-box that works best with classic longboard fins coming with a medium rake and fairly stiff.
*Fins not included.

nuu Whistlepunk PU dimensions

Length Width Thickness Volume
9’6” 22″3/16” 3″ 79.2 L

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