Stewart Hydro Hull TUFLITE

Stewart Hydro Hull TUFLITE


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Stewart Hydro Hull TUFLITE

Stewart’s Hydro Hull Tuflite-PC 9’0” turns like a 8’6”, paddles like a 9’6”, and noserides like a 10’0”.

This next-generation Hydro Hull has a modern trim rocker, with a single to double concave bottom, and is made with Surftech’s proprietary Tuflite-PC construction for more natural flex.

Carbon wrapped beveled entry rail, which provides forgiveness as well as performance.

The 2+1 fin configuration is another proven Bill Stewart innovation that’s stood the test of time. Get the surfboard that always delivers, get your own Hydro Hull.

Stewart Hydro Hull TUFLITE Construction

Tuflite V-tech

Eco friendly
Sustainable Surf- ECOBOARD
Green Epoxy Resin


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