Walden Magic Model Tuflite

Walden Magic Model Tuflite


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Walden Magic Model Tuflite

The MAGIC model stands the test of time due to its versatility and unique design features. With an emphasis on performance, with a single concave running from the nose through to the midpoint creates lift and stability, which is perfect for controlled nose riding.

*Fins Not Included

Walden Magic Model Tuflite Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
8’0″ 21.9″ 3.0″ 61.7 L
8’6″ 21.9″ 2.9″ 63.2 L
9’0″ 22.1″ 3.25″ 73.9 L
9’6″ 23.25″ 3.3″ 86.3 L
10’0″ 23.5″ 3.4″ 92.1 L

Walden Magic Model Tuflite Construction

Tuflite C-Tech Construction

1. Fused Cell EPS Core // Closed cell EPS core provides more response + flotation
2. GreenPoxy® Resin// The latest innovations in bio-based Epoxy chemistry
3. 2x Layers Fiberglass // E-glass has the highest strength to weight ratio available
4. Micro-Sandwich Veneer // Wood Veneer creates natural flex + adds break strength
5. Unidirectional Fiberglass // High strength unidirectional fiberglass strip acts as a stringer
6. Expanded Epoxy Foam Layer // A highly durable layer of epoxy and fiberglass to withstand impact
7. Exterior Paint // Provides a beautiful finish
8. Exclusive Sandwich Technology // Surftech Tuflite boards are molded with exclusive methods

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