DT-2 Tuflite

DT-2 Tuflite


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DT-2 Tuflite

The Takayama DT2 is Donald’s best all-rounder.

This board was designed with more focus on noseriding than the original DT1.

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Takayama DT2 Tuflite Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume
9’2″ 22.2″ 3.0″ 68.1 L

*Fins not included.

With the ability to do it all; turn, trim and noseride, this board could easily make for a one-board quiver.
Working in waves from ankle-high to well overhead, the Takayama DT2 Tuflite-PC can be ridden and enjoyed by everyone every day!

What the forum says:
“My DT2 is a very easy and forgiving shape. It can be surfed in many different conditions, my favorite size is around shoulder high tho.
It’s my allround-noserider, can be turned and carved from the tail and noserides pretty good if the waves are fast enough. I feel it’s a speedy shape so it doesn’t suck from the tail.

I find it tricky at times to hang ten, but I do fives all day, every day.  I’ve surfed it double overhead and was very easy. I am 140 lbs.”

Takayama DT2

The Takayama DT2 in-store

Donald Takayama

Donald Takayama’s legacy is a combination of the world’s best boards, best surfers, and best waves, making his boards some of the most sought-after in the entire surfing world. Donald Takayama was famous for his progressive designs that combined both traditional and high performance aspects into every board he made. The result was that the best surfers sought out his boards to bring their surfing to the next level.

Donald Takayama and Surftech worked together for over 20 years before his passing. The relationship was built on trust and a commitment to producing quality products that would compliment the designs he so passionately created.  Surftech has always stated they are honored to perpetuate Donald’s legacy by continuing to build his most iconic and proven designs.



Tuflite V-tech

Eco friendly
Sustainable Surf- ECOBOARD
Green Epoxy Resin

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