Takayama In the Pink Tuflite

Takayama In the Pink Tuflite


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Takayama In the Pink Tuflite

The Takayama Surfboard In the Pink is without a doubt the most loved and sought-after high-performance nose rider.

You’ll be able to surf anything from one-foot slop to overhead barrels, this board is the “ONE” longboard you can surf in any condition.

Ideal for the rider looking to own one perfect longboard, or someone looking to become more accustomed to the nose, the Takayama Surfboard In the Pink will have you stoked on surfing again.

If you are looking for a maneuverable longboard that can easily handle long hang five and hang ten this board is made for you. Perfect for riders looking to own one longboard, or those wanting to familiarize themselves with more and more noserides.

Takayama In the Pink TufliteSize Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume
8’6″ 22.5″ 2.9″ 64 L
9’0″ 22.9″ 3.0″ 70 L
9’3″ 23″ 3.1″ 77 L
9’6″ 23.15″ 3.2″ 81 L

*Fins not included.

9’3″ review from Surfboardshack

“After many near misses at the Surftech warehouse, I finally got a hold of a Surftech Takayama In the Pink. I had always wanted to try this board and up to this day I had never had the chance to ride a Takayama board. I see these things out surfing all the time and they look like really good boards so I was definitely stoked to finally have my hands on it. This particular In the Pink model is 9’3 x 22.38″ x 2.88″ with a 2+1 setup… Steve hooked me up with FCS side bites and an 8″ Takayama Surftech fin. Not a whole lot of foam but what can you expect for a performance longboard? Before jumping in the water I was hoping it would paddle a bit better than the Pearson Formula One so that I could compete with all the logs. As soon as I jumped in the water I could tell this board was gonna work well…it floated me well and the lower entry rocker cut helped with the paddling as well.”

“This particular day saw extremely small and weak surf. It was lining up okay with the surf around knee-high at best… this would be a good test to see how well the “In the Pink” performs in gutless conditions and how well it groveles. Paddling into waves was a piece of cake…I have to give a lot of credit to the flatter rocker…you don’t feel like the board is bogging and pushing water up at the nose. The epoxy seemed like it floated a bit better than a traditional PU board and that helped with wave catching as well.”

“The Takayama ITP also turned extremely well and was quite responsive in the not-so-great surf. The board seems to want to go where you want to go and as well as it performed in the weak surf, I’m excited to try it at 3’s on the next south swell. As far as its noseriding capabilities, I did manage to hang 5 on one wave and got close on a few others. There just wasn’t enough of a wall to really get to the nose and in small weak surf, you can do a few quick noserides but anything longer will result in the nose pearling. I’ll try noseriding this board in better surf and report back. Stay tuned.”


Takayama In the Pink Tuflite Construction

Tuflite V-tech

Eco friendly
Sustainable Surf - ECOBOARD
Green Epoxy Resin


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