Takayama Scorpion 2 Tuflite

Takayama Scorpion 2 Tuflite

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Takayama Scorpion 2 Tuflite

Takayama Scorpion 2 TUFLITE has a wider tail, a narrower nose, and a more rounded-out version of the popular Scorpion.

This allows the surfer to go a little shorter in board length and can support multiple fin combinations. This board excels in small California-style surf to well overhead island-style barrels.

It’s a very fast paddler with easy tail control and the Tuflite construction gives it unparalleled durability. The Scorpion 2 Tuflite-PC is a must-have in every surf quiver – read more about Donald Takayama and the Scorpion II here.

Takayama Scorpion 2 TUFLITE Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
5’10” 21.0″ 2.6″ 38.0L
6’4″ 21.4″ 2.7″ 43.0L
6’10” 22.0″ 2.8″ 49.0L


Takayama Scorpion 2 TUFLITE Construction

Tuflite V-tech

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