Model T Tuflite

Model T Tuflite


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Model T Tuflite

This design is the most well-rounded and versatile of Donald’s retro line. The Model T comes with a classic single fin set up and is best compared to the In The Pink, also created by Takayama. Where the ITP features some key pro design elements, the Model T preserves classic logging influences. As a result, the Model T really comes into its own when the conditions turn out crappy. The Takayama Model T is going to “generate rides from nothing“, meaning its shape works really well in smaller (and unexpected) conditions. This means more rides, more cross-stepping, and more style for you.

Takayama Model T Tuflite Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume
9’6 23″ 3.1″ 82.2 L

*Fins not included.

Shape Elements

  • Broad and easy to ride nose
  • Wide tail
  • Loose riding characteristics
  • Drawn out concave
  • 50/50 rails
  • Single fin
  • Square tail

What conditions is it for?

This is the one board that every single one of Donald’s team riders has in their competitive quiver. With its 50/50 rails, single fin, and square tail, it makes an ideal addition to your quiver as well. Consider the Model T well-suited for shoulder-high waves, right down to ankle small. It is going to be perfect for that smooth riding experience. Donald refined this versatile log shape over the course of many years, and his Model T is a classic shape.

Takayama Model T

Single fin, retro classic wood finish with light blue rails

About Donald Takayama

Donald Takayama is a critically acclaimed surfboard designer/shaper. Throughout his career, he built and innovated shapes his entire life. Out of necessity, he started shaping wood boards from old railway ties near his home in Hawaii. Donald grew up surfing in the late forties, early fifties with the likes of The Duke and the legendary Rabbit Kekai.

Today, Donald is widely recognized as one of the most knowledgeable shapers in the world. And from those humble beginnings, Donald now manufactures his boards for sale across the globe. Over the course of his shaping career, Donald has seen new concepts and designs come and go over the years. Continually refining and improving his designs has made Takayama surfboards some of the most sought-after ranges in surfing today.


Takayama Model T Tuflite Construction

Tuflite V-tech



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