NSP Equalizer CSE


NSP Equalizer CSE

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NSP Equalizer CSE

The NSP CSE Equalizer is an out-of-the-box gun, featuring timeless outlines and rails. Combined with modern rockers and bottom contours that were tested with various fin placements, countless concepts have been tested and proven to perfection on Oahu’s notorious North Shore.

Carl Schaper really loves shaping and designing boards for waves of consequence. Starting out in Florida and Puerto Rico back in the day, Carl took on longboard shaping requests just to familiarize himself with creating bigger boards. Carl never shied away from designing them and with over 30 years of shaping in Hawaii under his belt, he has some of the very best big wave riders amongst his loyal customers.

Equalizer CSE twin leash plugs

NSP CSE Equalizer Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Layup
7’4″ 19 ¹/²” 2 ⁷/⁸” 42.5 L 4 + 6oz / 6oz
8’4″ 20″ 3 ¹/⁴” 54.5 L 6 + 6oz / 6oz
9’4″ 20 ³/⁴” 3 ⁵/⁸” 70.7 L 6 + 6oz / 4 + 6oz
10’0″ 21 ³/⁴” 3 ³/⁴” 82.5 L 6 + 6 + 6oz / 6 + 6oz

If you are in the business of conquering some very serious waves, getting the NSP Equalizer is the ticket!
All CSE Equalizers come with a five-fin FTU fin cluster. These are fully compatible with FTU (Futures compatible)® Fins (fins not included):


The NSP CSE Equalizer shapes are designed with NSP’s custom surf lay-up featuring a 36g EPS core, 12mm wood stringer, and proven Hawaiian Gun glassing specs. All Equalizers come with a custom glassing schedule that will put up with the abuse of big-day conditions:

Notice a gradual increase in layers, right up to the triple patches on the 10’0″ and its double-patched rails:

2022_Equalizer_CSE _Red

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